5 Reasons vinyl flooring is perfect for your kitchen.

Whichever the trend, whatever the year, the kitchen is and will always be the heart of our home, the place where families of all sizes spend the most time making memories, celebrating milestones, sharing life experiences and enjoying some of their favourite dishes. For those new homeowners who are looking to create a designer space which is also practical then this blog will come in handy. For those Bdesign followers who are super happy with their kitchen space yet want to re-think their flooring situation well, we’ve got you covered too. 

Here’s where you’re at. We understand

When it comes to choosing your flooring, you may find yourself a tad overwhelmed. The material choices are endless. Without a designer in your corner, your insecurities are justified. We’re sure you considered vinyl at one point or another so here are five fabulous reasons why you should invest in Quickstep’s extensive and beautiful range of vinyl flooring.  

5 reasons why vinyl flooring is perfect for your kitchen

1. Rock-solid quality

Here at Bdesign quality comes first. Kitchen floors are constantly being pushed to their limits. Picture one of these situations – A sharp knife falling edge down or a wine glass breaks in a million pieces! Ouch! Quickstep’s vinyl flooring will truly pass any test. Its durability is genius.  

Image courtesy of Quickstep/ RLiving

2. Moisture resistant

Speaking of wine glasses – what about spills? (you’re probably wondering…) You need a flooring type that won’t warm or stain due to soaking up moisture. Vinyl flooring is easy to wipe clean within seconds, with liquids being unable to sink into the surface. Genius again. 

Image courtesy of Quickstep/ RLiving

3. Easy to clean

We all know the drill – kitchens can get dirty quite quickly – one minute it’s sparkling and looks like a showroom kitchen the next it feels like a hurricane has just hit the space! and when kiddos are running around with sticky fingers well that kind of doubles the amount of mess!  This is why choosing a flooring material that is easy to maintain should be everyone’s goals  Vinyl floors are water-resistant, preventing damage to your floor and making it easier to clean – be it sweeping, vacuuming or mopping – cleaning is a breeze. Also, vinyl floors are easy to repair as well – if a plank gets damaged, all you need to do is replace it. 

4. Ideal for renovations

Due to vinyl being thin and easy to install, it is the perfect flooring solution for almost any home project. You won’t be blocked out of your favourite space for a whole day because installation is super simple and very quick. So if you’re a proud homeowner who just wants a revamp – vinyl is the way to go. 

Image courtesy of Quickstep/ RLiving

5. Easy on the eye & affordable too. 

There are so many styles, colours and laying patterns to choose from for your vinyl flooring. No matter the design you are after, you can be sure to find the perfect style for your budget. Thanks to technological advances, vinyl now packages durability and water resistance with high-end finishes so it’s an obvious choice. 

Image courtesy of Quickstep/ RLiving

Convinced? Let’s get started! 

Whether you prefer luxury vinyl tiles & planks, the authenticity of real wood flooring,  or the practical benefits of a laminate floor, the Bdesign team will certainly find a floor that perfectly fits your needs and style. Drop us a line at info@bdesign.com.mt – we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment and give you a free consultation. 

Special thanks to RLiving for inspiring this content – Website – www.rliving.com.mt/Emailinfo@rliving.com.mt 

by Beatrice

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