Air Conditioning – frequently asked questions to an interior designer

Q: What is a Split airconditioning unit?

My response as an Interior Designer would be that the installation is simple and unobtrusive to buildings with no need for ductwork. It also delivers a sophisticated airconditioning solution to a room at an affordable price whilst providing a simple solution as an addition to the room.

Q: What is the difference between split AC and inverter?

The biggest difference between inverter and non-inverter AC is the fact that the motor of the inverter compressor has a variable speed. … A censor in the invertor adjusts the power according to the temperature in the room, lowering the electrical consumption and saving energy. Saving energy is one of my biggest priorities especially in interior design.

Image of Inverter Airconditioner courtesy of Daikin Malta

Q: What is a Floor-mounted airconditioning unit?

A Floor-mounted unit is simple to install and can be set up in various configurations, on the floor or hanging low on a wall. Its low height enables the unit to fit perfectly beneath a window. The airflow distribution pattern of a floor-mounted unit is ideal for heating space and is a perfect replacement for traditional radiant systems. As an Interior Designer, I love the fact that it looks like an additional piece of furniture!

Image of Floor-mounted Airconditioner courtesy of Daikin Malta

Ideal Interior Design solutions for:

  • Renovations, remodelling and new construction.
  • Sunrooms, basements, attics, garages, hot or cold rooms.
  • Rooms where floor space comes at a premium or is not available for other application.

Q: What is a Concealed ceiling airconditioning unit?

A concealed ceiling unit provides discreet airconditioned comfort throughout your entire home. This type of unit can be installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing one, and once installed, only the controller, and suction and discharge grilles are visible inside your home, therefore making it one of my favourite systems when working on an Interior Design project.
A ducted air conditioner consists of an indoor and outdoor unit and flexible ducting. The indoor unit is concealed out of sight in your ceiling or under the floor with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air through vents located throughout your home. An outdoor unit is positioned in a discreet location outside your home.

Image of Concealed Airconditioner courtesy of Daikin Malta

Q: How can I increase the efficiency and the lifespan of my a/c?

Proper maintenance is key. This includes cleaning or replacing your filters regularly during the cooling season, as well as scheduling ongoing maintenance for the unit by a professional. My advice is to install adequate shades, curtains, or screens on any windows that are exposed to extreme sunlight, this helps to keep room temperatures at moderate levels.

Q: How can I save energy when using my air conditioner?

Interior Designer tips to ensure that your air conditioner is both comfortable and economical all year round:

  • During hot weather, turn your air conditioner on early rather than working it harder once your home warms up.
  • Adjust the louvres on split system air conditioners so they disperse air downwards when heating and upwards when cooling.
  • Clean the air filter regularly.
  • Check the energy star labels on your air conditioner – the more stars, the more energy-efficient.

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by Beatrice

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