All you need to know about your soon-to-be Fama sofa

5 Fama sofas FAQs by RLiving  

A sofa is one of the largest and most important pieces of furniture you will buy. A marriage of function and style—it really is one of the biggest design commitments you will make. So we’ve teamed up with our friends at Fama and RLiving to share some of the most frequently asked questions their sofa sales consultants receive. If you’re thinking of investing in a sofa soon then you’re in the right place. We’re sure that one or more of these questions will probably be yours too.

Question 1 – How can I keep my sofa in perfect condition?

We love Fama because all models are designed with the aim of assuring that they will keep in perfect condition for years and years. While this is wonderful news, it’s still up to you to take care of your sofa. Here are some of the basic ways to make sure that your sofa lasts a lifetime. First, plump the back and arm cushions up regularly. Secondly, if you notice that the seat cushions are sliding forward fix them back in their original position to avoid damage.  

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Image courtesy of Fama sofas / RLiving

Question 2 –  How is the sofa frame made?

All Fama frames are made of pine wood which is kept for at least 1 year before being used. All the shaped pieces are cut with specialized cutting machines, so they are all perfectly shaped and identical. Furthermore, all knots are removed from the wood used for the frames to ensure that the frames do not break. This is all wonderful however, do want to know what we love most about Fama? Well, they’re so confident in the strength and durability of the sofa frames they produce that they give a lifetime guarantee. 

Question 3 – Can my new sofa be exposed to direct sunlight?

All the fabrics in the Fama range comply with the CE light endurance standards. However, understandably, if any fabric is exposed to direct sunlight permanently there is the risk that the fabric might start to fade, especially in the case of red and blue colour variations. So our advice is to avoid direct sunlight on your sofa.  

Question 4 – Can I move the armchairs often without damaging them?

Armchairs that are meant to be moved regularly are normally provided with castors for such purpose. The rest of the Fama collection of armchairs (especially Recliner armchairs) are heavier and for this reason, we do not recommend that they are moved often. However, should the need arise, remember to pull the sofa from its central body and never from the arm-rests. 

Image courtesy of Fama sofas / RLiving

Question 5 – Can I see what my sofa will look like? 

Thanks to Fama’s 3D and 2D simulators clients can see what their dream sofa will look like. You can experiment with different styles and you have the opportunity to choose from more than 1000 fabric options? Fabulous. There’s more. 

Images courtesy of Fama sofas / RLiving

EXCLUSIVE! The Bdesign team has created a 3 step ‘sofa buying’ process which works like a charm 

If all this sounds wonderful yet a tad overwhelming we’d be more than happy to support you. The truth is, nothing beats having a designer in your corner. 

Step 1: Consultation – We’ll ask you a series of questions to understand your family dynamics, explore your allocated space for your sofa and establish the type of model which suits your style. 

Step 2: Purchasing – Following our recommendations, together, we’ll go on a shopping discovery trip where you can test different models, check out a variety of colours and discuss budgets. We’ll suggest that you narrow down your choice to your preferred two.  

Step 3: Design – We’ll present your two options in a design plan. We’ll also suggest colour schemes and share simple design tips to give your living space a luxury feeling. 
Three steps to owning a super sofa, it’s as simple as that. Give us a ring, drop us a line or chat with us on our socials FB or Instagram for more information. 

Special thanks to RLiving for inspiring this content – –

by Beatrice

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