An Interview with a delightful Group at One Two One Interiors

One Two One interiors specialize in hand sewn, lined and interlined curtains and blinds, together with cushions and other soft furnishings, which help conceive the final look to any interior.

On one of my regular visits to the Naxxar shop, I went down to their workshop to interview the delightful group of women as they were sewing away ! Mira who heads the workshop and her colleagues, Liliana and Sindi pride themselves on the quality of their work.
So, let’s find out a little more about these delightful friends.

The Team
Image courtesy of One Two One Interiors

How and where do you work together and what is your process ?

We work in a large room below our shop in Naxxar. We work five days a week, keeping regular hours, always starting by 9:00 am, with a break at lunchtime and normally finish at 5 pm.

Mira what are your day to day duties ?

I am involved in projects, being big or small from start to finish. Roberta, our Shop Manager and I hold daily meetings, wherein she updates me with new projects and from there I take over. Necessary meetings are organized with the clients to take precise window and door measurements. Next, we order the fabrics which would have been chosen by the client and we start the ball rolling. I ensure that all is going as planned and I schedule each and every client accordingly. One of my tasks is to delegate the work which needs to be done to Liliana and Sindi and the three of us take on the day ahead with a smile. I try my best to create an environment where we work together in harmony.

Do you have particular areas that you enjoy ?

Oh yes, I love handling beautiful fabrics and being creative. Natural fabrics such as linens and silks, can be very tricky to work on, but I love the challenge they create and I become very keen to see the particular window treatment in place. 

How do you keep up with trends ?

In my free time, I read about upcoming trends in window treatments and soft furnishings on leading Home Magazines plus I am subscribed to various newsletters which keep me updated with all the emerging styles and trends!

Do you ever encounter difficult situations?

Every order and every client present their own requirements. Different fabric types may create certain challenges and at times may delay production for the reason that we have to be so careful whilst sewing them. This helps me grow in my experience and I try my best to face each project as positively as possible. Keeping Clients happy tops our list.

Whilst talking to you, I can see Sindi at her sewing machine and Liliana pinning hems, at the cutting table. What tools and machinery do you work with ?

Most of the room is taken up by this huge cutting table, which eases our work drastically. Various sewing machines, scissors, thread spools, pins and needles, measuring tapes, chalk and anything you can imagine to help us with our daily sewing tasks.

Is there anything you’d like to add ?

We’d like to emphasize that we carefully produce all our curtains and blinds to a very high standard. We offer all styles of headings and pay great attention to detail. We are a great team and although at times we undergo a lot of pressure, especially when we are bound by short delivery dates, we rely on each other to bring our individual talents together, build on each other’s skills to create the most impressive results. Ultimately our goal is to receive positive feedback from our clients 🙂 

Thank you ladies, for a very insightful interview and we look forward to sharing your work at One Two One Interiors! Carry on being fabulous!
Special thanks to One Two One Interiors for inspiring this content.

One Two One Interiors – 21 Vjal il-21 Ta Settembru Naxxar / Qui-Si-Sana Seafront, Sliema 2142 2948/9

by Beatrice

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