There is so much to explore in the world of Interiors, Entertainment and Lifestyle. Bea explores plenty of different products and gets familiar with tons of beautiful brands – ultimately, she chooses her favourite top 3. Here is what made it to the list this month!

One Two One Interiors

Last month, I attended a party and I got talking to a young couple, Rob and Hayley. They excitedly related how they had just purchased a new home and one subject led to another until the conversation landed on the flooring. Rob and Hayley were very keen on laying a wall to wall carpet in their bedroom and started asking me all sorts of questions pertaining to interiors. Once they were satisfied with my recommendations and suggestions, we decided to meet up at One Two One Interiors to have a look at their luxurious range of carpets and underlays by Jacaranda carpets.

Once the colour and the texture of the carpet was decided we moved on to the underlay. To me, the underlay is as important as the carpet itself being it provides foot comfort, reduces carpet wear and provides sound and thermal insulation.

We were offered a selection of two underlay products ranging between 8 and 11mm thickness with very high sound insulation and most importantly made from recycled materials and ultra-fresh technology. This means a lot to me especially when I am working on Interior Design projects.

Needless to say, we chose the 11mm thickness option especially because this carpet was to be installed in Rob and Hayley’s bedroom.


While it is essential to vacuum your carpet regularly, putting on a pair of slippers is a simple daily step you can take to avoid soiling your carpet.

Protrade Malta

Hosting some old friends? 

Padded seats and comfortable high backs for support are the answer for spending hours catching up around the dining table without feeling fidgety!

When we are helping our clients with the interior of their dining room, dining chairs may not always take centre stage, but they are some of the most integral pieces of furniture that you should be able to enjoy for many years. Keep the kids satisfied with chairs that feel snug and comfortable to sit in – you might find they sit in one place for longer!

If you are after a plush, upholstered chair with a high back, Protrade’s dining chairs are both functional and comfortable. You may be looking for tufted, soft velvet chairs to add opulence and luxury to your home, or a pair of scrollback. Keeping it simple and elegant is the best interior design advice we offer. We were so happy to find out that Protrade offers a variety of fabrics in no less than 200 hues. An additional bonus is that these chairs may be ordered with Aqua Clean Technology fabrics. Wow!!

Image courtesy of Protrade Malta


Education to zero waste has become key in my lifestyle, therefore you can just imagine my excitement when I found so much to choose from under one roof.

One of the key components of zero-waste shopping is buying in bulk. This means buying food that’s commonly sold in scoopable containers with no packaging. ReRoot have an entire aisle devoted to bulk bins. In their bins, you can find necessities such as spices, herbs, nuts and oats amongst others. By carrying your own containers or bags you can choose the exact amount of product you want whilst reducing a great deal of packaging the store would otherwise use.

Image courtesy of ReRoot

The very friendly staff at ReRoot will weigh your containers before you put anything in them, so you can pay the right amount. I always carry cloth bags in my handbag, therefore, these came in very handy 🙂

I would love to hear what additional methods and tips you recommend for zero waste shopping.


Bring a reusable bag along with you to carry it all. Keep an extra bag in your car so you’re never without.

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Special thanks to: One Two One Interiors, Protrade Malta and ReRoot for inspiring this content.

by Beatrice

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