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With Mother’s Day fast approaching my siblings entrusted me with the task of buying the perfect gift for our mother.

My first stop was at LUXONAS, where I took my time to look around the vast array of ornaments and beautiful home accessories . I was simply lost for choice! One can find any type of gift ideas ranging from ornate candle holders to occasional furniture.

This intricately painted Bulbous Round Ceramic Jar tickled my fancy . I love the coral colours used and I’m quite sure mum will find the right spot for it 😀

Image courtesy of Luxonas

A kitchen under the branches of a tree

When I saw a lemon tree coming out of the centre of an island, my obvious question was why ?

This nature inspired kitchen island designed especially for Aran Cucine by Stefano Boeri Architetti serves as a multi function island, wherein apart from eating in the shade of a natural tree, it houses all the essential elements to cooking, serving, consuming, and recycling. The Architects have even thought of adding a couple of slots to charge your mobile phone [how cool is that]…..

Incorporating nature into technology represents the full life cycle of cooking and eating that is housed in this very innovative ‘living’ ensemble.

And so the answer to my question was that the tree, the table and cooking top can be perceived as a single element around which you and your family can sit and relate stories, share memories and exchange recipes.

The Chain

We were sitting at a table in a restaurant in Italy, and upon looking closely I realized that the partition between our area and the next was made out of links!

These aluminium anodized links can be adapted to ceilings, facades, wall art, partitions, and jewellery. Their versatility is immense. They are available in a wide range of colours and come in two types of finishes – satin and shiny.

As a designer knowing that certain concepts I sometimes dream of can be turned into a reality is truly awesome.

I leave it to you to see the power of these beautifully entwined links 🙂

by Beatrice

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