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Chloe LED Outdoor Floor Standing Lamp

This month, Bea’s loving the Chloe lamp –  this lamp is truly exquisite, an exceptional addition to your outdoor space. It comes with it’s own remote control which enables you choose which colour to light it up, according to your mood and ambience. This floor standing lamp is made of polyethylene, it is both light and highly resistant to extreme temperatures, making it easy to move around especially when entertaining!

The perfect night-time entertaining space deserves dreamy garden lighting. It’ll make it safe for you to walk down your garden path in the dark, it will spice up your garden and add ambient light to the space to set a mood. – Prototrade Malta beautiful!

Dress your Kitchen

Aran Cucine is giving us the chance to personalize kitchens like never before! Check out the ‘Cover Kitchen’  – The door fronts are made from a laminate LPL panel coupled with a thin metal sheet which acts as a support for the interchangeable covers.
The removable covers feature  washable magnetic foils, which allow designers to print new graphics in order to change the look and style of the kitchen, whenever their clients want.
Innovation is the name of the game. I look forward to working with this new model, when I start working on my next kitchen project.

Images courtesy of Aran Cucine /Dino Fino Home

Coconut Flour

In reality, coconut flour is not actually “flour” in the way we normally think of it. It contains zero grains and consists of 100 percent pure coconut meat, therefore making it free from wheat and other grains.

Apart from the many health benefits of coconut flour nutrition, it is a delicious substitute for other flours in baked goods. It gives everything you bake with it a subtle coconut taste.

What I like best about the ‘Maya Gold’ coconut flour is that the coconuts used to make this flour are not picked by monkeys!!

by Beatrice

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