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Wondering which top brands have made it to our ‘Brands Bea Loves’ list this month? Protrade, One Two One Interiors & Gio.Batta Delia 1901 top the charts. Discover why.

One Two One Interiors: Jacaranda Carpets and Rugs

When Richard Meager, Founder and joint managing director’s first visited India, he was struck by the Jacaranda trees with their beautiful purple flowers that lined the streets of New Delhi. These beautiful trees inspired him to name his new carpet company after the trees.

I recently accompanied one of my clients to One Two One Interiors in search of a carpet for her living room area, and the wide selection of Jacaranda’s handmade carpet samples stole my heart. Whether it’s a classic rug or a pebble rug that you’re looking for, their wide selection can suit any room or hallway.

Roberta, the Store Manager at One Two One Interiors explained to us how latex is applied to the reverse of the carpet, then actionbac for structural stability. To allow production to continue during the monsoon, large drying ovens have replaced sunshine. She also showed us how the carpets are sewn around the edges by hand in the same yarn which ensures a very stylish finish.

Are you considering adding a rug or carpet to one of your rooms? I am positive that a Jacaranda carpet will add that intriguing element to your home.

Protrade Malta: April Velvet Pouffe

A pouffe is an upholstered, low stool that can also be used as a footstool. A pouffe does not always have to complement any particular lounge chair. Its presence can enliven the interior as it can be used either to create a contrast with or underline the prevailing mood in the room.

The April velvet pouffe does all the above, it’s contemporary gold base adds a luxurious touch to any room in your home. Beautifully upholstered in a plush velvet fabric for a luxurious finish, it’s so soft to touch and because of the short dense pile, it is resistant to abrasion and easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

It is a lush piece of furniture that will sit anywhere and look great whilst adding a pop of colour to your chosen space. It makes a flexible addition to any home as it can be used as an extra seat when guests visit, as a table if you place a tray on top, or, just put your feet up and relax.

Gio.Batta Delia 1901: Portmeirion Botanic Garden Canton Vases

Image courtesy of Portmeirion UK / Gio.Batta Delia 1901

Decorating with vases is one of the easiest ways to add effortless style to your home. With vases, you can show off fresh floral arrangements, display gorgeous faux botanicals or simply let the piece shine all on its own.

The delightful Botanic Garden Canton Vases come in a variety of motifs and heights. They add warmth and colour to your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Why not fill a large Canton Vase with fresh botanicals and let it stand all on its own? You can also add single-stem flowers to make a minimalist statement or full, flourishing bouquets for fresh, organic appeal.

To create a more layered look, try arranging a selection of low and high Canton vases wherever you have a spare surface that could use a decorative boost—they add personality to side tables, accent tables, console tables.

I’m sure you agree with the choice of items ‘Brands Bea Loves’ this month. Jacaranda carpets will add that intriguing element to your home. The April Velvet Pouffe is a lush piece of furniture that will sit anywhere and look great whilst adding a pop of colour to your chosen space and the Botanic Garden Canton Vase will add the perfect touch to any table.

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Special thanks to One Two One Interiors, Protrade Malta and Gio.Batta Delia 1901 for inspiring this content.

by Beatrice

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