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It’s time to reveal Bea’s favourite brands of the month! Ready to discover who’s made it to the list? Items from One Two One Interiors, Protrade and Andrew Diacono have topped the charts. Read all about it. 

One Two One Interiors: Clarke & Clarke – Animalia by Emma J. Shipley

Animalia is a fantastical jungle-inspired collection created by the very talented artist Emma J. Shipley in collaboration with Clarke & Clarke. I was in absolute awe of the mystic, magical and exotic, tropical parrots, swinging lemurs, fierce tigers and delicately hand-drawn giraffes, all printed on a menagerie of coordinating fabric and wallpaper, incorporating rich velvets, luxurious satins and shimmering effects.

The lively range of non-woven wallpaper is available in 8 striking designs, depicting dramatic colours and emphasising the intensity of the jungle. These can be used in conjunction with the Animalia Fabric range or as a vibrant choice for statement walls. My mind was reeling, trying to find the right place in one of my ongoing projects, wherein I could either use the wallpaper on its own or in coordination with an upholstered accent chair.

I went back to One Two One Interiors with a client who was as enthusiastic as I was when I showed her the fantastic Animalia selection. My idea was to re-upholster an accent chair she already owned and place it in the entrance of her home together with the co-ordinated wallpaper.

Imagine entering your home to find an array of animals come to life on fabric and wallpaper 🙂

Animalia wallpaper and fabric – Image courtesy of Clarke & Clarke / One Two One Interiors

Protrade Malta : ‘Castle’ Accent Chair 

From the runway to your home!

Who would have thought that a bunch of intersecting lines of various widths, colours and spacing, would become one of the most popular fashion statements of all time? This is the chic and timeless ‘Castle’ available at Protrade Malta.

Do you prefer Modern style in interiors?  You’ll love how this sculptural accent chair with its soft angles nests inside a tubular metal frame. Wrapped in a decadent velvet upholstery, the reclined back and deep seat cradle you in comfort. Whether part of your living room seating arrangement or making your home office, entryway or bedroom that much cosier, this chair makes a striking statement piece. 

Andrew Diacono Sculptor and Painter: Seven Women

I had designed a home for a middle-aged couple who felt that they were missing an ornamental piece that they wanted to place on a piece of furniture in their open plan area. I asked them to give me time to come up with the right item. A few months later, the idea of placing a sculpture on the furniture came to mind. I discussed this idea with the Bartoli’s, they liked it and together we paid a visit to the workshop of the renowned Maltese sculptor Andrew Diacono.

Due to its size, the sculpture would have to be made to measure. Bearing in mind the size of the furniture and the area, Andrew came up with a great concept. Seven women looking as though they are getting ready to dance or model or wherever you allow your imagination to take you. We all loved it, and this was the birth of a magnificent sculpture.

We paid Andrew regular visits to see the sculpture’s progress, every time becoming more and more excited to see the finished piece. Hues of blue were chosen for the women’s dresses. This colour was chosen because it is in perfect harmony with the rest of the room surroundings.

A word of advise – If you feel that you are missing ‘something’ in any area of your home, don’t rush into buying anything just for the sake of doing so! Give yourself time to think until you come across the right piece.

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Special thanks to One Two One Interiors, Protrade Malta and Andrew Diacono for inspiring this content.

by Beatrice

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