Designing a dream walk-in wardrobe

A designated space to store your clothing and accessories makes you more efficient, beautifully organised and allows you to look after your clothes better, it’s also high on the wish-list of clients who are eager to create a beautiful home which is also a magnificent investment. Thanks to our friends at RLiving’s Maronese ACF  you can now customise your entire wardrobe using modular components to ensure that no space is wasted and that you have the freedom and flexibility to design a dream walk-in wardrobe which will be stylish and sophisticated.

Image courtesy of Maronese ACF / RLiving

Here are 5 of our favourite Bdesign top tips to help you get started.

1. Sliding doors

Consider sliding doors to conceal everything in your walk-in wardrobe, creating a sleek, streamlined look for the bedroom. No matter how neat you are, you’ll appreciate having door panels to hide parts of your wardrobe which you don’t really want on show, such as internal laundry hampers.

Image courtesy of Maronese ACF / RLiving

2. Storage

For your ultimate walk-in, make sure to maximize storage space extending the height right up to the ceiling. Yes, the top shelf may be tricky to reach without a step ladder, but you’ll love having a space to store items that you don’t need access to on a day-to-day basis. 

Image courtesy of Maronese ACF / RLiving

3. Light your way to organised living

Lighting is a key consideration when planning any walk-in wardrobe. The beauty of LED lighting is that you can use discreet fittings, that gives you the ability to direct you light where you need it.  

4. Prioritise hanging

 Separate short and long garments and measure how many metres of hanging space you need for each, then add 20% more. An average 2.2m ceiling height will allow for two rows of short hanging, one above the other, or one row or long hanging with shelves or drawers underneath.

5. Space isn’t an issue? Check the list below for little additions that go a long way.

Do you want your walk-in closet experience to be a little more luxurious than your everyday dressing-up routine? Here are some of Bea’s favourite add-ons! 

1. Chair. It’s no fun putting on shoes when you’re standing up, right? A chair can be quite a signature piece for your room especially if it has beautiful upholstery. If you have space, a love seat or wide ottoman which comfortably seats your friend or partner would be a great touch. 

2. A vanity island. This is your accessories mecca. Outfit all the drawers with jewellery storing capabilities, such as landing pads for rings, rods for cuffs, and hooks for necklaces or scarves. 

3. TV . It’s best to hang a screen up at eye level, so if you’d love to splurge on this extra feature plan your space to incorporate a TV from the very start. A rack that allows your TV to swivel in different directions is also a good investment.


Trust the experts to create the space you dream of. 

These tips will definitely help you get a head-start! Now if you’re looking to exceed your expectations, work with the best and benefit from an affordably brilliant design then look no further. Drop us a line at and let’s schedule a complimentary consultation to get the ball rolling. 

(The Bdesign Team would like to thank RLiving for inspiring us to create this content)

by Beatrice

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