Designing Your New Home on a Budget

You’ve finally done it. You’ve been dreaming for years and saving quite a while for this milestone moment. You’ve just bought your first property. You’re excited, eager to start furniture shopping, curious to learn how a designer can help you and kind of stressed because you’re on quite a tight budget. Don’t fret, Bdesign team to the rescue. We’ve compiled our top three tips on how to furnish your home without breaking the bank and our friends at RLiving have created an exclusive one-of-a-kind home offer which is fabulous. Follow our advice and your new house will become a home before you know it.

Tip #1 – Establish Your Style

Your personal style essentially reflects who you are. Are you an outdoorsy nature lover? Are you a polished perfectionist? Or more minimalist or do you consider yourself to be quite a shopaholic? Think of the attributes that represent who you are and translate them into furniture. After all, you’re the person who’ll be spending the most time in your home, so make sure it’s something that you’ll enjoy aesthetically and functionally.

Bea Says -“It could be a mixture of styles, a more eclectic look, you might prefer traditional, contemporary, modern or vintage. Whichever your style hop over to Pinterest and start to create a vision board with all of the photos and pictures that attract you. This will come in super handy when we start to work on your home mood boards’

Tip #2 – Less Is More

Minimalism doesn’t mean only have one couch in a completely empty room. It just means getting rid of anything that’s not a necessity, like furniture pieces you don’t use or clothes you don’t wear. So when you’re decorating your new space, think about furnishing your home with items you’ll actually use on a somewhat day-to-day basis.

Bea Says – “Make sure you only let things you actually want and need, enter your home. Quality over quantity is the name of the game’

Tip #3 – Work with a designer you trust

The biggest misconception about working with a designer is that it will cost an arm and a leg, however, a good designer will end up saving their client money by choosing the right high-quality elements that never go out of style, Your dream designer will create a space that is correctly balanced and proportioned which will make you feel happy plus you’ll save a ton of time too.

Bea Says – ‘Apart from the fact that you’ll enjoy the whole design process more, you’ll end up with a dream home which has been designed exclusively for you’

On a budget? The RLiving Exclusive Home Offer
Since buying a home is such a big expense, people usually have a limited budget for furnishings once they move in so we’ve asked our friends at RLiving to create a superb and exclusive home 8K offer which includes a stunning Melody kitchen with appliances, an Aladino dining room table & chairs, A Collezione Italia Tigris super comfy sofa, a Gioerre Miluna master bedroom and a beautifully made Rimobel spare bedroom. Music to your ears? Ours too.

Images courtesy of RLiving

Ready to get started?
Well, first of all, send an email to and let’s book your free consultation with the Bdesign team. We’ll listen to your dreams, come up with a project plan, discuss budgets and get started. Next, we’ll schedule a meeting with the RLiving team to share more details about their exclusive home offer.

Home designing can be fun and affordable if you work with us. That’s a promise.

Special thanks to RLiving for inspiring this content –

by Beatrice

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