EXCLUSIVE! Clarke & Clarke’s latest collection

Clarke & Clarke’s creative vision and global business success stems from the partnership of husband and wife team, Lee and Emma Clarke (don’t you already love the sound of this business story?).

Founded in 1999 it has established itself as one of the global leaders in the home furnishings market. This brand now distributes products in over 90 countries, Malta included thanks to the fabulous team at One Two One Interiors. Together they have earned a reputation for providing innovative designs, exceptional quality, and excellent value for money. 

Your backstage pass to this year’s collection

A dedicated design studio, based in Cheshire, creates an annual collection of superb fashion-led fabrics and wall-coverings. Under the guidance of lead designer and founder of Bdesign – Beatrice, we’ve selected four of our absolutely awesome favourites from their new collection. We have a feeling you’ll love them just as much as we do. Our promise – hundreds of designs and an outstanding range which is sure to bring the feel-good factor to homes. Let’s begin
Our favourite four from this year’s collection. 


Dramatic yet subtle, midnight and charcoal shades merge with intense spice and chartreuse for a versatile look.

Image courtesy of Clarke & Clarke/One Two One Interiors


Combining trends and tradition, this timeless collection of soft textured plain weaves is available in 45 colours.

Image courtesy of Clarke & Clarke/One Two One Interiors


A fusion of the ‘English country garden’ and ornate damasks, Eden brims with vitality and colour.

Image courtesy of Clarke & Clarke/One Two One Interiors


With 45 colours ranging from kingfisher tones to vibrant teals and softer combinations of slate, amethyst mineral and blush, this stunning collection is a seductive homage to tropical island life.

Image courtesy of Clarke & Clarke/One Two One Interiors

Bea’s Wisdom

Excited as much as we are? we told you. To celebrate this amazing collection Bea’s giving us some precious design tips which will definitely come in handy. 

  • Less is more

A few very good quality pieces in a room will automatically upgrade other lesser items

  • Quality over quantity

Buy quality. This particularly applies to those pieces that have to withstand a lot of wear and tear – sofas, beds, flooring, curtain poles/tracks, blinds etc. If you’re on a budget just buy the key elements for your design and then build on this as and when you are able. Of course, there could be a single item of furniture that is so expensive it is out of the question if this is the case try to find something similar in style and have it covered in more expensive fabric.  

  • Functionality wins

Never lose sight of the function of a room, and always decorate it with this in mind. A kitchen doesn’t need lots of ornamental knick-knacks unless you enjoy cleaning on a regular basis! 

  • Experiment 

Don’t think that a pair of curtains has to be in the same fabric! Using contrasting or complimentary plains, or a pattern and a plain can look amazing. Link the two together with matching tiebacks. Give your space a designer’s touch or let us do it for you. 

Final Thoughts

Creative brilliance and worldwide business success – this sums up Clarke & Clarke and the wonderful team at One Two One Interiors. Their expert team is always ready to give a helping hand and the Bdesign team are here if you’re eager to spruce up your space, design a dream home or invest in a design which will uplift your property and get you the ROI you dream of. 

Special thanks to One Two One Interiors for inspiring us to create this content. 
One two One Interiors – 21 Vjal Il-21 Ta Settembru, In-Naxxar/Qui-si-Sana Seafront, Sliema 2142 2948/9 

by Beatrice

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