EXCLUSIVE: Top 5 Fama sofas Bdesign clients love

It’s no secret we have an extra special fondness and love for the beautiful Fama brand at RLiving. This talented team designs attractive sofas which are comfortable, stylish, functional, innovative, affordable and built to last – music to our clients’ ears. So without further ado, here are our top five favourite Fama sofas based on the feedback of our loyal and loving Bdesign clients during 2018/2019. That’s right, the Bdesign verdict is in. 

The Bdesign Top 5 Favourite Fama Sofas


A new reclining modular sofa, a unique model with a great personality 

It is difficult, we dare say impossible, to find a sofa on the market which offers greater comfort than Avalon. Our clients love it because it’s comfortable whether you’re very tall or short. Oh and with the reclining mechanism open, it becomes almost the size of a large bed – brownie points from us here! Plus, the generously sized back-rest is equipped with a new button effect inspired by the diamond-shaped buttoned backs of the 70s, is the cherry on the cake.

Avalon : Image courtesy of Fama Sofas


A timeless sofa which is exceptionally unique

Helsinki made history in the world of sofas. With this sofa a new type of seat was born, the You & Me, an armchair of generous proportions – creating enough space for two people comfortably. It’s extremely light, incredibly comfortable and has quickly become one of the best sellers all over the globe, in record time. The large number of scatter cushions make this model a top favourite – our clients love it because they get to choose from a great combination of fabrics. 

Helsinki : Image courtesy of Fama Sofas

Arianne Love

Personalize your sofa & say hello to the spirit of the 60s. 

This collection is cool, vibrant and unforgettable. It’s interesting to note that this model is the evolution of Fama’s Arianne, which was born as a new concept of modular that brought back the spirit of the 60s. It’s a top favourite with Bdesign clients especially because of its concept of single modules, low sitting and of course, amazing comfort. Plus, the Fama team have expanded the range of options to compliment this sofa and have designed round modules and footstools, a new corner module as well as tables with lifting tops and storage. Epic.

Arianne Love : Image courtesy of Fama Sofas


The corner sofa you can’t live without. 

 It is amazing how such a simply built sofa can bring so much happiness mainly because of its multi-positional back that allows clients to find a perfect position no matter how they wish to sit. 

We love that it is as beautiful from the back as it is the front which means that it is an absolutely perfect choice for clients who are looking for a separator between their dining or living room – wonderful for an open-plan space. The comfortable cushions are an amazing bonus. 

Manacor : Image courtesy of Fama Sofas


The smart and flexible sofa with an attitude to match

You get six platforms of different measurements which give you the freedom and flexibility to add or remove backrests in the blink of an eye. Bdesign clients love the footstool platform which can easily be converted into a module or a sofa in less than a minute, without absolutely any screws or tools. They also adore the fact that they can convert two independent conventional sofas into a modern chaise lounge open on both sides. We think it’s genius because it’s generous depth gives you the opportunity to add large cushions which give so much personality to a room.

Pacific : Image courtesy of Fama Sofas

Let’s go shopping for your sofa, together!  

Considering it’s probably one of the bigger investments you’ll make and factoring in that it’s more often than not the most used item in a home, we encourage you to work with a designer to make sure that you make the right choice based on your lifestyle, family plans and budget. We’ll share tons of golden nuggets of wisdom, make suggestions based on your budget and make sure your room measurements and sofa goals are aligned. Drop us a line at info@bdesign.com.mt if you’d like to learn more about our five-star design service. 

One more thing! Fun Fama Fact! 

We think that the fact that the Fama team are environmentally friendly is wonderful. 92% of the waste material generated during our production process is recycled – from the wood remains which is used to make boards, to the fibre which is re-designed to make teddy bears! 

Coming up next. Stay tuned for our Bdesign recommended Fama recliners. 

Special thanks to RLiving for inspiring this content – www.rliving.com.mt/Emailinfo@rliving.com.mt.

by Beatrice

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