Tips on Buying A New Sofa

How to Choose a Sofa 

Put simply the sofa is the anchor of a living room. It’s where most families meet to end their day, unwind and relax. A comfy sofa is the place where we welcome friends, watch our favourite movies and dedicate well-deserved hours to just enjoy our home so, yes investing in a great sofais a no-brainer especially if you’re looking to purchase a sofa which you intend to have for many years.  So before your sofa shopping spree kicks off, here are a couple of very important super smart points to consider courtesy of Bdesign’s founder Bea in collaboration with R Living.

1.Shape and Style

First, determine where you want to put your sofa and make sure to assess any existing architectural conditions that might get in your way – like an arch for instance. Double check door widths and any tricky turns you may have to get around, including stairs.

2.Colour or Neutral?

Ask yourself this – is the colour you’re considering trending or is it a tone you’d still love two years from now? It’s a lot easier and more affordable to be a neutral sofa and purchase a couple of colourful cushions which will give your room the vibe you’re looking for. Consider the decor in your living room, the mood you’d like to create and if you have any pets well there are a couple of colours you might want to avoid.   
Fama Living Astoria Sofa

3.The Fabric

Fabric is especially important if there’s a high chance that someone (little ones in particular) might spill anything on your couch. If your sofa will be the play space for kids or if you have pets who love lounging on the sofa while you watch TV then velvet sofa is a no-go because it’s super tough to clean and could end up being stained. 
Fama Living Manacor Corner sofa

4.The Size

Take size into consideration — you want something that will properly fill the space, but that won’t engulf it either. Be realistic, if your one bedroom apartment is cozy then buying a five sitter might not be your perfect choice. Choose a sofa based on your room and not vice-versa. 
Choosing the right sized sofa for your room


Style, style, style — modern, classic, rustic, vintage, boho or traditional? These are just a few of the room style options that you can choose from. Establish a style before you start shopping, look for images of your favourite living room spaces, create your very own mood board and let inspiration work its magic.  

What Bea loves this month! The Sleeper Sofa.

Opt for a sleeper sofa, also known as a pull-out sofa, if you’re looking to add that extra functionality to your living space. It works wonders in smaller apartments especially if you love inviting guests over and genius additions for living rooms for rental investment properties. If it’s style, affordability, and durability that you’re after, look no further – the Fama collection of sleeper sofas is for you. 
Fama Living Bolero Sleeper Sofa
“Sofas to enjoy at home” is not just a slogan, it describes the Fama philosophy in 5 words and we think it’s just fab! Fama design sofas which are attractive, of a high quality, reasonably priced and most important of all comfortable, because let’s face it – comfort is what we need at the end of a long day – A message from B.
Too much on your plate? Founder of Bdesign, Beatrice has a 3 step process works like a charm 
If all this sounds wonderful yet a tad overwhelming we’d be more than happy to support you. The truth is, nothing beats having a designer in your corner. Give us a ring, drop us a line or chat with us on our socials FB or Instagram and we’ll organise a meeting to explain our simple three step process: 
Step 1 – Consultation – establishing your time-frames, preferred style and budget for your room.  
Step 2 – Purchasing – visiting our recommended outlets, confirming delivery dates, planning installation 
Step 3 – Design – bringing it all together, adding unique personal touches and items to make your child’s room as great as it looks on paper. 
Oh and one more thing.
A great sofa can last years if you treat it like it’s an investment piece. Choose wisely and take the time to explore different styles, remember to take measurements and photos of your space with you so that you can easily picture your sofa in your room. We’re confident that you’ll find your perfect match if you follow our advice. Happy Sofa Shopping!  
(The BDesign Team would like to thank RLiving for inspiring us to create this content)

by Beatrice

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