How to Choose the Right Window Blinds

Window treatments can make or break a home. From bright splashes of colour to stylish clean lines, a window blind can either be bold or subtle. Choosing the right window blind is no mean feat, due to the multiplication of choices which have evolved over the years. Having such a large choice should be a blessing, not bewildering, so I’ve prepared some options to help make your decision easier.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds originated in France. As window grilles they make it possible to see out, while simultaneously preventing people from seeing in. Today they are regarded as the classic internally fitted blind. They let you see out, without anyone outside being able to see in. Venetian blinds consist of horizontal, adjustable slats.

The width of the slat will be your first decision. Blinds generally come in one of three standard sizes: 12mm, 25mm  and 50mm. The 12mm slat is the most popular, because it gives homes a contemporary feel.

Their angle can be finely graduated in order to flexibly regulate the incoming light.

Image courtesy of MHZ Blinds / One Two One Interiors

Panel Blinds

A panel blind is a flat, vertical window decoration that can be moved from side to side on tracks. Wide fabric panels are attached to glide carriers that run concealed inside the carrier track. They seem to hover in aesthetic, ornate fashion from the ceiling.

Their simple style suits any architectural environment. They are ideal for use as privacy screens and sun blinds on floor-to-ceiling windows or as room dividers.

Image courtesy of MHZ Blinds / One Two One Interiors

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are a highly popular choice varying window shapes and spaces of all kinds.

When shut, the pleated blinds provide you with privacy screening, sunshade and a fascinating pattern of pleats. The light that gets through them takes on a soft hue. When opened, the pleated blind units merge inconspicuously into their surroundings.

Image courtesy of MHZ Blinds / One Two One Interiors

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are  made up of an aluminium or steel shaft and, rolled around it, a fabric blind. Privacy and light are regulated by lowering and raising the blind, which can hold itself in place at minute increments.

These blinds are extremely practical and they can be drawn down completely for extreme privacy and glare protection. The blinds can be kept completely open in order to expose the aperture and allow the natural light to enter the room.

Image courtesy of MHZ Blinds / One Two One Interiors

Vertical Blinds

These blinds are made up of narrow slats of fabric linked together by chains, and they can be infinitely adjusted and turned in any way. Vertical blinds are designed for wide window expanses and sliding glass doors, because they stack off to the side, rather than at the top of the window. They regulate incoming daylight and sunlight.

Image courtesy of MHZ Blinds / One Two One Interiors

Roman Blinds

Are a form of roller blind where you do not roll the fabric onto a tube, but rather gather it vertically via cords. As a result the blind fabric drops like arching clouds, creating a textile, sensual atmosphere. Numerous fabrics available in different colours and textures help to style your roman blind in a bespoke fashion. When cleaning the window, the blind fabric can easily be taken off.

Image courtesy of MHZ Blinds / One Two One Interiors

Final Thoughts

Since 1930, MHZ has stood for high quality, attractive design and bespoke, made-to-measure window solutions, together with the wonderful team at One Two One Interiors. Their expert team is always ready to give a helping hand and the Bdesign team is here if you’re eager to spruce up your space, design a dream home or invest in a design which will uplift your property and get you the ROI you dream of.

Special thanks to One Two One Interiors for inspiring us to create this content.

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