How to grill 365 days a year with your Bull BBQ .

We’re blessed to be living on an island which celebrates great weather at least 9 months of the year so firing up the grill should be part of our lifestyle all year round and not exclusively in Summer. So if you’re thinking of packing your Bull BBQ away just because it’s back to school season and this is what you typically do when September hits, this blog will encourage you to keep on grilling no matter the season. Thanks to our friends at Bull BBQ Europe we’re sharing our five favourite tips so that you can BBQ all year round plus we’re dishing one of Bea’s signature Autumn plates to help get you started.  

Wait! Don’t put that BBQ away yet! 

Great grilling advice whatever the weather

  1. Use ceramic cookware for heat retention. Ceramic cookware will help to insulate your food and keep it at temperature. This is handy for transporting food to your grill or back inside after you’ve created your grilled delights.
  2. Plan ahead and ensure that you’re prepared with suitable clothing and footwear. Keep those slip-on shoes near the door along with a comfy coat, hat and scarf. Regular gloves can be difficult to grill in so consider fingerless versions so that you can maintain a “hands-on” connection with your food.
  3. Identify the direction that the wind blows most often and if possible, try to find a spot that offers the best protection. Also, be sure to avoid overhangs, porches and anything that could present a fire hazard and NEVER cook in an enclosed area.
  4. Invest in a fire table – it’s guaranteed fun AND it’s genius. The fire pit has counter space to provide seating for friends and family and it will most definitely become the centre of your backyard entertainment space. 
Image courtesy of Bull BBQ Europe

BBQ meals are loved by all, super easy to prepare and will give you a flavour of Summer in the colder months too. A winter BBQ can be a really great way to break out of a winter gloom until the warmer weather comes around. To keep you motivated and get you into the spirit Bea’s got a great Autumn style recipe for you. 

Pumpkin on the Grill!

Bea recommends that you grill whatever is fresh in that particular season. So if Autumn is pumpkin month give these tasty veggies a shot on the grill – it’s super simple. Over indirect heat, halved pumpkins take a good 45-60 minutes to completely soften. This gives them ample time to pick up a little smokiness, making the grill a more interesting choice over the oven. The soft, sweet flesh of the pumpkin can be scooped out and enjoyed as is, or turned into a whole variety of things—Bea’s pumpkin ravioli and curried pumpkin soup are both family favourites! Autumn is also popular for sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, peppers, carrots, artichokes, cauliflower and so much more deliciousness – all perfect for some yummy grilling. 

Images courtesy of Bull BBQ Europe

Fancy some grilling this Autumn? Tell us what you’re up to, share your favourite recipes and fire away your questions! We can’t wait to hear from you. Happy grilling friends! 

Bull BBQ Europe – Hop over to their website or visit them at Zamco Building, Triq il-Mithna, Qormi, Malta. Call them on + 356 2279 2222/+ 356 2279 2118 or drop them a line at

by Beatrice

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