Kitchen Trends for 2020

We’re getting ready to celebrate the end of what has been an epic year for the Bdesign team and one of our favourite brands Aran Cucine at Dino Fino Home so we thought we’d get this party started by revealing some of the latest and greatest kitchen trends which will feature in the new year.  From cool colours to exquisite cabinetry, from bold colours to a touch of sparkle, these stunning kitchen trends will make you want to dive in and invest in a brand new kitchen or at least work on an upgrade pronto. Either way, we have your back. Without further ado here are the five top kitchen trends which have caught our eye. 

Five of our favourite upcoming kitchen trends. 


If there’s one thing that’s storming the style charts and shaking up interiors, it’s the return of marble. Strongly veined marble for unmissable luxury and next-level style, marble will add the touch of class which will make your kitchen timelessly beautiful. Marble is always in style however in this new year expect to see more of it in a bolder, classier and memorable way.

Image courtesy of Aran Cucine / Dino Fino Home


Expect unexpected paint-colour pairings, signature colours which will leave you breathless. Think ‘the bolder the better’, ‘the brighter the more outstanding’ – think ‘unique – your kitchen should reflect your personal style so the trend dictates that your kitchen will be a perfect reflection of you. Hold on though – before your enthusiasm takes over, start by deciding how much of permanent commitment you are willing to make. Founder of Bdesign Bea Migneco says ‘The colour in a kitchen – be it on walls or fittings – should last for at least five years, minimum, so try to look beyond immediate trends and choose a colour that will keep you feeling good long term’

Image courtesy of Aran Cucine / Dino Fino Home


Hands down our absolute favourite trend the double islands feature is going to take the world of design by storm. With the move towards larger kitchens, in open-plan spaces, the kitchen island has become an essential kitchen feature. A pair of island units has become the last work in luxury, an expansive addition for when space is no object. Double islands – a dream come true.


Larder cupboards, also known as pantry cupboards, have been kitchen staples for centuries and, in the last few years, have established themselves as one of the must-have items in modern homes. Bea says ‘Say hello to your own pantry space in 2020. All the food goods are in one place and not scattered around in numerous wall cupboards, meaning people can be more organised when doing their food shopping’  The other great advantage of a pantry is that a kitchen no longer needs to be full of wall cupboards which is ideal for open plan living areas. 

Image courtesy of Aran Cucine / Dino Fino Home


Make a design statement in the room you’ll spend time in most – go for gold or play between dark colours and a touch of sparkle. Bea says ‘Now that taps are available in a wide choice of colours and finishes, sinks are following, too. Aesthetics have made an impact in wet areas just as they have in furniture and appliance design, with colour, shape, size and material heavily influenced by the overall look of the room’ Gold will bring a certain avant-garde luxury perfection to your kitchen space you’ll adore.  

Let’s sum it up. 

In 2020 the kitchen remains the heart of the home and anyway, after all, in our overly busy life, there is nothing more desired than time in a beautifully designed space sharing moments and culinary delights with our nearest and dearest. Dino Fino Home’s new range by Aran Cucine promise lots of innovative design ideas, there are plenty of on-trend looks and state-of-the-art kitchens to choose which will give you the ROI you’re looking for. 

Have you heard of our brilliant Bdesign three-step process to your design kitchen? It’s fab! 

  1. We’ll meet you to learn more about your kitchen goal, your personal style, your timeframes and budget. 
  2. We’ll carefully craft a plan which matches your expectations. 
  3. We’ll whisk you away to visit Dino Fino Home where we can enjoy a five-star customer experience and roam from room to room and see which kitchen resonates with you (and your pocket) the most.
  4. You sit back and focus on work and/or play while we make sure that your kitchen is installed perfectly and that your space is transformed into the dream kitchen you’ve been longing for. 

Starting is simple. Send us an email on and we’ll schedule your complimentary consultation. 

This content has been inspired by DF Home. Visit the DF Home showroom, hop over to their website or check out their social media channels for more beautiful spaces. 

by Beatrice

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