Simple ways to spruce up your bedroom for spring

Here’s a fun fact. If you’re sleeping the recommended average of 8 hours a night then that means that you’ll be spending a third of your life sleeping. Got your attention? Well, read on. So many sleeping hours means that we spend more time on our bed than on any other piece of furniture in our home. These two facts inspired us to share simple ideas on how to elevate your bedroom space because if we’re spending so much time there then we’d say it’s a worthy investment!
 Now realistically not every room needs a total makeover, most of the time our favourite rooms just need some TLC rolled up with simple, fun and often inexpensive design updates which will make a huge difference. 
So, without further ado, here are eight quick and easy ideas (some are free!) courtesy of the loved by all brand One to One Interiors. 

1.Rearrange your furniture.(FREE!)

Who says your bed can’t go in front of your window or your dresser can’t double as a nightstand? Throw out the old rules and find an arrangement that works for you. Whatever makes you happy should be your ruler. The best part? It’s totally free!

Image courtesy of DesignRulz

2. Add pops of colour

Love your neutral room but want to jazz it up a bit? Throw on a colorful blanket under your duvet, add a printed pillow, or paint an accent wall. In the case of your bed keep in mind that it will look best with three throw pillows that coordinate (they don’t have to match perfectly) in color, style or design.

Image courtesy of One Two One Interiors

3.Add new hardware

Replace old drawer handles and pulls with decorative ones. This low-cost trick will add personality and give your room a completely different feel.

4.Clear the clutter.(FREE!)

Get rid of anything that isn’t conducive to relaxation or romance. This includes the TV, since research shows having one in the bedroom isn’t a great idea. At the very least, hide any stress-inducing clutter in a stylish container, and when it comes to storage solutions, there are loads of styles you’ll love. 

4.Lay down a rug.

A simple area rug can dramatically change the feel of a room. Adding a properly-sized area rug will make your room look bigger. We suggest that you choose one that’s large enough to tuck under the bed and at least one other piece of furniture – it will give your room more of a designer finish.

5.Reframe your view.

Give your windows something new to wear. Add some “wow” to windows with fresh curtains. If a smaller change is what you’re after then invest in new tiebacks or buy a curtain rod. Every the smallest update work. 

Image courtesy of Prestigious Textiles @ One Two One Interiors

6.Make the room come to life.

Plants generate oxygen and help filter the air and you’ll be surprised what some fresh flowers will do on your nightstand. Especially in the case of a neutral bedroom. Make it your habit to add colorful blooms every week to keep it lively. 

7.Add a statement light fixture

Brighten up with new lighting. Adding an unconventional light fixture draws the eye upwards (making the room feel bigger) and turns an otherwise safe room into a glamorous space.  
There you have it – 8 easy tips which will make a massive difference! 

Image courtesy of Clarke & Clarke @ One Two One Interiors

Want us to give you a helping hand? The BDesign team has your back
Restyling a bedroom won’t take long if you have pros by your side. Here’s our standard game plan

  • We’ll meet you to identify your objectives, determine your style and come up with a budget
  • We’ll create a mood board which suits your style and recommend our favourite brands. 
  • We’ll go shopping together (it will be a blast), alternatively we’ll go solo or you can take it from here and keep us updated – whatever fits your schedule best
  • We’ll bring all the goodies home and work our design magic. 

If this all makes sense and sprucing up your bedroom is now on your agenda – congratulations! We’re confident you’ll be happy if you follow these simple tips and remember, you don’t need to buy the world’s most expensive bed (it’s $6.4 million) designed by the controversial Stuart Hughe’s’ Baldacchino Supreme to make an impact. 
Happy decorating! 
Special thanks to One to One Interiors for inspiring us to create this content. 
One to One Interiors – 21 Vjal Il-21 Ta Settembru, In-Naxxar/Qui-si-Sana Seafront, Sliema 2142 2948/9  

by Beatrice

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