The brand which instantly stole our hearts.

Meet the brains behind Protrade.

It’s no surprise that Protrade has swiftly become into one of the island’s most sought after brands. Their focus on delivering a fantastic customer experience combined with their high-end, on-trend, affordable brands and their passion, zest and drive make our collaboration with their team an exciting one. Just days ago Bea met with Protrade’s Managing Director Stefania Barbara at Busy Bee Mriehel to learn more about this company’s mission, vision and goals for the new year. 

What inspired you to launch your company?

I’m a firm believer that when opportunity knocks open the door! Honestly, the creation of Protrade wasn’t planned although I must say I’ve always had a passion for design and beautiful home items. When a chance to kick-start our brand landed on my lap the rest was history. From the most exquisitely pretty outdoor furniture to iconic dining tables and affordable and unique upholstered chairs, I’m thankful I get to go to work with a smile on my face. I transformed my passion into a profession and I’m extremely grateful. 

How would you describe your collection of brands/items?

Think fashion-forward, chic, practical and at the same time affordable. Our collection is on-trend without breaking the bank. From the very start, our mission was to empower homeowners to invest in items which are designed impeccably yet don’t cost a fortune we also want to give everyone the opportunity to invest in items which are durable and gorgeous as we don’t think finances should stop anyone from creating a dream space. 

What makes working at Protrade rewarding?

Protrade is a family business. I joined in 2006 after getting my warrant as a certified accountant so it’s entirely different then my original career route however I must say my studies do come in handy and give me the confidence to invest and drive the business further, faster. Rewarding you ask? It certainly is especially because I love meeting clients and learning all about their design ideas -knowing that they’re thrilled with their purchases is an unbeatable feeling. 

What should prospective clients expect from your brand?

Selling quality products, sticking to deadlines and handling any after-sales queries promptly are vital. Our client approach is also key. We give clients their well deserved time, listen to their ideas and make sure that they’re confident with the purchasing decisions they are making each step of the way. Positive reviews really do make my day.

What are Protrade’s goals for 2020?

Ah, we’ve got a few surprises up our sleeves for next year! We’re introducing three new brands, plus we’ve started work on a brand new showroom which will be more spacious. We’re also going to design domestic and commercially marketing campaigns dedicated to our current line of brands – for instance, this year we introduced Aqua Clean Technology fabrics for all our made-to-order upholstered items which so far has been a hit, we need to make sure that all of Malta knows that this is a genius solution. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be a very exciting year so stay tuned Bdesign community – and thank you all for believing in our brands.  

Photo courtesy of Protrade and Busy Bee Mriehel

Our collaboration with Protrade will continue and we can’t wait to shine a light on their collection of fantastic brands, innovative solutions and beautiful products. Best of luck Protrade team! Our islands are lucky to have you. 

by Beatrice

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