A spotlight on Adriani & Rossi

Our love for design and beautiful home items is immense and we truly enjoy shining a light on brands which are fueled by passion, have an authentic feel and create a beautiful aura in the spaces we design.  It’s time for us to shine a light on one of our favourite brands for 2019 – Adriani & Rossi available at Dino Fino Home

Adriani & Rossi Brand Milestones

  • In 1990 Adriani e Rossi started to design and produce items – their love for art and their incredible skill was clear.
  • In 1994 they moved on to launch a distribution company which would give design lovers in Italy and all over the globe the opportunity to add pieces of their collections to their homes. 
  • In 2011 they were awarded the prestigious mention ‘Compasso d’Oro’, the most important design prize in the world. 

Today, the fabulous Adriani e Rossi brand is present worldwide, their creations are distributed in retail outlets worldwide and here in the Maltese islands, they’re exclusively available at Dino Fino Home.

Apart from their beautiful exquisite style and their creation of timelines pieces characterized by the label ‘Made in Italy’, the company is the only one in the world to operate in Total Look, working with any material in the same style.

Magnetic Wallpaper

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Geplaatst door Adriani & Rossi op Dinsdag 12 juli 2016
Video courtesy of Adriani e Rossi / Dino Fino Home

Fresh ideas and long-life products

Here are some of our Adriani e Rossi favourites

Adriani e Rossi Lamps

Fabulous is the best way to describe this lamp collection. The use of the new ecology of multiple materials and the experience of their designers to create lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and table lamps is divine. 

Image courtesy of Adriani e Rossi / Dino Fino Home

Adriani e Rossi Ceramics

All their items are unique and the craftsmanship of this collection is outstanding. They finish each piece manually, they hand-paint every item making this range a rare treasure.

Image courtesy of Adriani e Rossi / Dino Fino Home

Adriani e Rossi Carpets

Quality carpets with timeless elegance, always on-trend – that’s what this collection is all about. We also love the range of colours and the innovative graphics that make such an impact and give so much character to any space.

Image courtesy of Adriani e Rossi / Dino Fino Home

Adriani e Rossi Paintings & Decorations

Wall art has always been their specialisation – this is what they are known for the most and it’s obvious why. Each piece is artistically designed – this collection has the power to give any room such an authentic, special feel.  

Adriani e Rossi Lamps & Glasses

Secrets and experiences that are handed down by the Venetian masters of Murano are well-kept by the Adriani & Rossi team. Knowing how to transform silicon into glass and mirror glass is a magical skill nowadays – it just makes the whole process so rare and special. We’re truly impressed.

Adriani e Rossi Miss Mary Design 

‘A masterpiece’ describes this collection the best. A series of complements, tables, armchairs, sofas and stools, ottomans, coffee tables, mirrors, bookcases, sideboards, paintings, wall sculptures, shelves and bedside tables – pieces which are special and will make your room, even more, avant-garde, beautiful and unique.  

Image courtesy of Adriani e Rossi / Dino Fino Home

Final Thought

From the very start of Bdesign our goal was simple – to create beautiful residential and commercial spaces which are memorable. We dreamt of designing homes which would become favourite places for our clients – spaces where they would experience wonderful moments, celebrate milestones and build cherished memories. We wanted to design commercial environments which would ignite productivity, creativity and inspiration. Brands like Adriani e Rossi and Dino Fino Home are such an important part of our design process, these brands delight our clients and make life at Bdesign so rewarding. 

This content has been inspired by Dino Fino Home. Visit the Dino Fino Home showroom, hop over to their website or check out their social media channels for more beautiful spaces. 

by Beatrice

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