Maximize your space with an extendable dining room table

Fact – An extendable table is a great investment piece no matter the size of your home because the truth is we all need some extra elbow room now and then, whether that’s at dinner parties and family festivities, or to make space for work, crafts and other table-top activities.

 Spotlight on the Pentagon by Connubia

The beautiful collection exclusively available at RLiving allows you to accommodate extra guests in style, with a range of different materials, sizes and designs, including modern rectangular and traditional round extendable dining tables. They’re gorgeous, affordable, beautifully made and deserve to be in the Bdesign spotlight. Before we reveal which are our favourites, here are 4 expert tips and ideas for extendable tables that help maximize the often underutilized space. 

4 Bdesign tips to think about before making your purchase

  1. Size does matter
    The most important thing to bear in mind when choosing an extending dining table is dimensions. Before you buy, carefully measure your room to work out the size of the table you need, accounting for both the extended and non-extended lengths of the table. You should allow at least 90cm extra space on each side of the table for chairs and guests.
  2. Plan the whole space
    Take all the furniture in the room into consideration. If you have a sideboard or bar cart against the wall, measure 92 cm out from that piece of furniture. A design plan is key.
  3. Think of all occasions
    For the most versatility, choose an expandable table with leaves that will allow you to seat more people when company comes, but feel more spacious when it’s just your family.
  4. Buy smart
    For a square room or small space, consider a round pedestal table, which takes up less space and is easier to walk around. For tight spaces, consider creating a dining nook in a corner with banquette seating lined up against 1 or 2 walls, or use benches, which can slide under the table when not in use.

BONUS! Wondering what your seating options are? 

If you’d love to give your space an on-trend look, consider introducing a bench. If positioned next to a wall it offers not only a very unusual and eye-catching decoration solution, yet also allows greater flexibility when it comes to seating space. Speaking of chairs, remember, not only should the chairs be comfortable, but they should also complement your table design, either contrasting it or, on the contrary, blending in with the table.

Bdesign favourites – The results are in! 

From contemporary designs to traditional and modern-style options we’ve selected these beauties by Connubia based on their epic design, build quality and also factoring in how easy they were to extend.

Images courtesy of Connubia / R Living

The Bdesign Verdict

The Pentagon by Connubia collection available at RLiving is wonderful for those who have a large family or group of friends and often find themselves throwing dinner parties or hosting for the holidays or for individuals who have a smaller space and want to have the same fun! So, whether you use your dining area for meals every day, only on special occasions, or hardly at all, this range comes highly recommended and you’ll be happy you made this investment. 

Pentagon Extendable Table with Metal base by Connubia at R Living

Whether you’re on the market for an extendable table or you’d like to design your space the Bdesign team would love to hear from you. Drop us a line at – we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment and give you a free consultation. 

Special thanks to RLiving for inspiring this content – Website – 

by Beatrice

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