Creating a Tranquil Bedroom Oasis for Daniela

Creating a Tranquil Bedroom Oasis for Daniela

Join us on a journey of creating a peaceful and comfortable space for Daniela.

Our moodboard offers a glimpse of the aesthetic we're striving for. We believe that a bedroom should reflect one's taste and style, and it's essential to design a personal haven that promotes relaxation. Let's explore the different elements that will make up Daniela's new bedroom.

Bedroom Furniture

We've carefully selected bedroom furniture that combines comfort with a minimalist aesthetic. Functional and visually pleasing, these items add to the room's overall beauty.

Soft Furnishings

The right soft furnishings can make all the difference in a bedroom's look and feel. We've chosen a mix of textures and colors that complement the overall design, ensuring that Daniela's bedroom is a cosy and inviting space.


A statement piece in any bedroom, we've chosen a stylish and comfortable headboard design that sets the tone for the rest of the decor in Daniela's room.


Warm and inviting, the American Walnut wood floor complements the other colours in the room perfectly and adds a touch of elegance to the space.

Panel Blinds

We chose panel blinds to control the amount of light in the bedroom. The blinds offer privacy when needed and let in natural light during the day, adding an element of texture to the room.

Colour Palette

Inspired by Daniela's love for warm, earthy tones, we chose Dulux's "Velvet Truffle 5" and "Fallen Burr" to create a calming and serene atmosphere. These colours, paired with the American Walnut flooring, create a harmonious blend that's pleasing to the eye.


Transforming Daniela's bedroom into a serene retreat was a thoughtful and intentional process. Each element was chosen for comfort and style to create a personal haven that promotes relaxation. We hope you enjoyed this journey and feel inspired to create your own tranquil space.


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