With over 20 years of experience as an Interior Designer,
Beatrice, or Bea as she’s known, has lovingly and professionally designed and
upgraded too many homes and projects to count.

Always looking for the next great project, Bea is dedicated
to coming up with solutions that are both innovative, yet highly focusing on
her client’s needs.

Bea’s journey and experience started whilst working as
consultant in various, leading shops selling home accessories and fabrics in
Malta for over 15 years. After spending years choosing beautiful items to
create homes, and helping countless individuals design their dream space, Bea
took the leap and started out on her own. A decision which has kept her busier
than ever, Bea’s clients keep coming back for new projects, advice and now,
Bea’s own product range.

With her main objective being trendy but functional beautiful
home and lifestyle accessories, 2 years ago Bea designed her first branded and
handmade items which can be described as an extension of Bea! The apron was
born for a love of versatile but unique. 
From there the ideas kept coming, and Bea now proudly has a variety of
twelve handmade products ranging from fashionable unique fabric bags, home
furnishings, decorative items, as well as something for your 4 legged friend!

As both an Interior Designer and now, product designer,
Beatrice devotes her attention to every phase and detail of the design process.
This allows her to be in full control of the project at hand, whilst ensuring
the high level of quality Bea’s clients have come to expect.

As a designer, Bea’s clients love her because she is both
versatile and adaptable to all her clients needs, will work with any budget
she’s given and will put you in the forefront. Now, her products are the same; versatile
but adaptable but above all, beautiful.

 “The products I design are an extension of my design style.
Simple, beautiful and useful. They add a trendy but timeless finish to any
home, and can be worn proudly to any occasion”