Gas VS Charcoal Grilling: Let's help you decide.

Gas VS Charcoal Grilling: Let's help you decide.

It’s the greatest debate the Bdesign team and the Migneco Tribe have had yet! Here’s all that was shared during one of our latest brainstorming sessions which ended in typical Migneco style - a glorious evening of deliciousness. If you’re considering buying a grill for the first time or, perhaps thinking about making the switch from team gas to team charcoal (or vice versa), here are the key factors we think you should consider.

The Charcoal Grill

The Pros

We can argue until the cows come home however, the charcoal grill also offers that true, cooked-over-a-fire feeling. Apart from being the king of true grilled flavor, there’s the thrill of cooking over a charcoal grill that our team loves.

The Cons

Part of the benefit of grilling in the summer is that the whole process is breezier than cooking in your oven or on a stove — there are no pots and pans to deal with or clean up! However, the bad news is charcoal grills can get messy. Chances are, you’ll have to clean up ash and grease after every use, and with a gust of wind, you’ll also have to contend with ash all over your outdoor space.


The Gas Grill

The Pros

It’s so easy, you can multi-task: Fire it up, start cooking, and just check in on your meal every few minutes while you chat with friends, prep the rest of the dinner. Gas-fired grilling has the clear benefit of being extremely convenient. Simply turn a knob, and say hello to your highly adjustable heat source. Plus, gas grilling is clean and quick. There's no messing with briquettes, no stacking, no lighting, no smelly starter fluid and no waiting around for the coals to glow. And once dinner is over, there's no ashy mess to clean up. Return the switch to off, rub a metal brush over the grate and clean-up time is over.

The Cons

If you decide to have a gas grill, you’ll need to be able to fuel it — either through a natural gas line that’s connected to your house or by keeping a gas tank filled.


 Image source: Bull BBQ Europe

The Verdict

The simplest thing you need to know is that what it really comes down to is a matter of personal taste, flavour and convenience. However, from a design point of view, keep in mind that a small patio, balcony or covered area is not the ideal place for a large charcoal grill. From a lifestyle point of view, well the truth is, if you want to say come home from a long day of work at the office and throw a couple of steaks on the grill with absolutely no hassle, then a gas grill is the BBQ for you.

One more tip!

Whichever you choose, add loads of flavour! Add herbs and spices, marinate meats ahead of time. Also cook by starting in the indirect zone, giving your food a little smoke, searing it at the end, bringing it to the table, ready to enjoy.

Does your outdoor space need a designer’s touch?

Phew. Just in time. Hello Summer! It’s high time we get your outdoor space ready to welcome family and friends. Drop us a line at if you’d like us to schedule a complimentary consultation. From a complete revamp of your outdoor area to jazzing up your space and creating a mood that reflects your personal style - we can do it all.

3d rendered visual prepared by Bdesign Interior Design Studio


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