The Best Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Host

The Best Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Host

It’s that time of the year again when festivities are in full spirit, and you’re invited to holiday parties, and get-togethers left, right, and center. While these gatherings are exciting, they require hours of prepping, presenting, serving, and cleanup. Your host usually does all of it by themselves, and you can show gratitude by bringing a gift.

Now, don’t get us wrong; we have nothing against a good bottle of wine. But there are plenty of other thoughtful gift ideas for your holiday host that leave a lasting impression. We’ve rounded up some great ideas below if you’re confused about what to bring to your next holiday party or family dinner.

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Holiday Host Gift Ideas

Holidays are a great time to come together, and you can make your host feel special by bringing a thoughtful gift. Here are some ideas.

A Beautiful Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board will be the perfect gift if your host is a frequent entertainer. A simple stone slab or wooden board can make all the difference in their table-setting game. You can also get them a cutting board that serves a dual function for cooking and serving. 

Exotic-Smelling Candles

Nothing says holidays better than a candle. A heavenly-smelling candle in a pretty-looking candle container makes a pleasant gift. You can find big candle jars as well as delicate-looking tea lights. But no matter which one you get, they can make any space look cozy and warm in no time.

A Ceramic Trivet

Any entertainer knows the pain of not having enough coasters. Trivets and coasters also make an impressive gift. You can get Instagram-worthy coasters or personalize a wooden or ceramic trivet to make it more meaningful. If you get a hand-painted trivet, it acts as an art piece in any space while protecting any table or counter surface.

Ceramic Flower Pots

An aesthetic-looking ceramic flower pot will be the perfect addition to your host’s home, especially if they love plants. You can pair the pot with hard-to-kill succulents, so they don’t have to worry about tending the plants too much.

A Set of Their Favorite Tea

Tea is always a good idea for a gift. You can find different flavors and tea-making sets, like the famous La Via del Te I Gift Box from Vini e Capricci by Abraham's.If your host is a tea aficionado, they’ll appreciate this gift more than anything.


The gift ideas shared above work fine solo, but you can combine two or more to embellish your gift. For instance, a tea set pairs well with a set of trivets. After you’ve got everything, wrap the present with a pretty ribbon or twine and put it in a lovely gift bag, and you’re all set for the party.

If you’re looking for innovative gifts for your holiday host, Bdesign has some incredible options. From wall art to ceramic bowls and cushions to bandanas, we have a versatile collection of trendy yet functional home and lifestyle products for a variety of needs and wants.


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