3 Easy Steps to Transform Your Teen’s Bedroom

3 Easy Steps to Transform Your Teen’s Bedroom

… and just like that, in a snap, your cute little toddler blossoms into an amazing teen full of goals, dreams and… opinions too! The bedroom you had invested in almost a decade ago is as good as new and with a little bit of design magic, you’re confident you can transform this kiddy space into a cool area your teenager will be proud of. Here are your three easy steps to teen bedroom success. 

"Old people believe in everything - middle-aged people doubt everything, young people know everything." 

- Oscar Wilde

Step 1 - Make it personal 

We’re quite sure that your teen will have a good idea on how they want their room to look so involve them in the process. Use your present bedroom as a canvas, encourage them to pick colours, explore themes and create design boards that suit their style it’s fun and they’ll be learning too! Encourage your teen to research different styles, motivate them to take before and after photos of the space, give your young adult a budget and let them take care of the finances for this project, ask them to measure the room and take note of the furniture sizes - they’ll be practising their math without even knowing - now that’s what we call fun effective learning.  

Step 2 - Paint 

A fresh coat of paint is a fabulous way to breathe new life into a room. Your teen will tell you what colour scheme they’d love to have based on the theme they’ve chosen. Here are three popular colours for 2022 to think about.

Navy Blue 

Navy is a rich, deep blue with a full saturation of colour. This is another cool colour that can work well in smaller spaces because it recedes from the eye. For those teens that want their bedroom to be dark and soothing in tone, navy makes a great choice. 

Sage Green

Sage green in particular makes a beautiful colour for bedrooms. The green tones in sage are soft rather than vibrant or deep. This makes it a nice backdrop colour for accents and furnishings. The soft colour can also be considered soothing which makes it a good choice for teens who want to use their bedrooms to relax.

Green Wall in teen's bedroom


Taupe is a good choice for small bedrooms. The light colour of it can help keep the space from appearing too dark or closed in. At the same time, the cool tones recede from the eye, making the space appear larger than it is. If your teen decides on a neutral shade that's a little cooler in colour, taupe makes an ideal choice for any bedroom.

Step 3 – Accessorize

After establishing your theme it’s time to start shopping for bed linen, rugs, lamps and curtains aligned to your teen’s chosen style. Remember that white bedding is a great investment as it sets a crisp, clean tone and provides a neutral backdrop upon which to layer throw pillows matching your selected theme - they’ll never get bored of a solid white. Art shopping will be a blast too. There are oodles of sources for affordable art - all have a great selection of youthful, but still sophisticated art. Personalized wall art might tickle their fancy and we think adding a memory wall with their favourite photos is a chic touch. 

Mooboard showing accessories for Teen's bedroom

Throws, Lamps, Bean Bag, Curtains and Storage Baskets  from Zara Home 

Wall Art from Bdesign Interior and Lifestyle studio

Want US on your teen’s team? Sure!  

Designing your teen’s bedroom is fun yet truthfully it will probably take up a ton of your time. If you’d like our team of pros to make sure you’re on the right track and do all the heavy lifting for you get in touch with us, drop us a line at info@bdesign.com.mt and book your complimentary consultation. We’ll make your teen proud. 


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