Would you like to change your room from drab to fabulous?

Would you like to change your room from drab to fabulous?


If you need help giving your living room an uplift, but you are not willing to change all the furniture in your living room - have a look below to see how I swapped a drab living room into a fabulous one.

My advise is to make sure that when you are purchasing the most expensive moveables (any pieces of furniture or furnishings which can be easily moved or transported) in your home, opt for items which are simple and made to last. Keeping to neutral colours is another thing I advise because that way you will have the opportunity of changing it up and not necessarily changing the piece of furniture .

"a neutral palette doesn't mean that a room will look monotonous... on the contrary, it draws attention to all the different" 

... Regina Lynch

Let me dive into why I chose to discuss this topic today 😀

A client reached out to me sending me a photo of her Living Room. She bought this classical neutral coloured sofa and the rug and stopped there, fearing that she would make a mistake when adding the next items to make this room complete. She also hung a giant blossom wall decor which looks perfect in the environment.


  • Wall Paint

Bearing in mind the blue tones on the area rug, I picked Restful Slumber by Dulux for the wall behind the sofa and Feather Pillow also by Dulux for the rest of the walls – these wall colour changes give the room an immediate uplift.

  • Artwork

To keep a contemporary look I chose black and white floral prints framed in wood moulding to hang above the sofa.

Tip :   When hanging above a couch, the bottom of your artwork or frame should hang 20 to 25cm above the back of the sofa

  • Coffee Table

    The coffee table I chose for this area is characterised by its asymmetrical pebble-shaped top. The three solid, rounded legs feature a grooved surface that contrasts nicely with the smooth appearance of the tabletop. This coffee table will surely create an interesting Focal Point.

    • Curtains

    The fabric used for the curtains is a heavy cotton so that David and Liz can draw them when they want the natural light into the room and close them when they want complete privacy.

    • Cushions

    For best results mix cushion sizes and prints. Start with the larger size at the far back. I like to choose one cushion in a solid colour to tie in all the prints ⬇ - You don't have to match the cushions on either side of the sofa but I like to match mine :)

    Tip: You can mix and match three different patterns, as long as each pattern incorporates at least one of the colours in the three-colour story you have chosen.



    This Living space looks so stylish and so different to the way it started. It only needed a few finishing touches, using the right colours and the right accessories.

    Apart from the items I highlighted above the addition of the floor lamp added the right amount of ambient light to the space.

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