4 Tips to make the most of your Entryway

4 Tips to make the most of your Entryway

What is an Entryway

An entryway which is also referred to as a foyer is the first room you enter when walking through a front door, usually a smaller space or hallway. Traditionally, foyers are used to greet guests and welcome them into your home. Whatever the size of your entry way, there’s a way to make an impact. First impressions count, and it is the first thing guests see upon entering your home.


Ask yourself a few simple questions before starting the design process - These questions will help and direct you to the right design ideas for your entryway.

Do you have pets with muddy paws or kids who need place to put their shoes?

Do you want your entryway to evoke a feeling of calm and order or energy and excitement?

#Tip 2

If you decide to create an impact in your entryway by adding a patterned armchair or rug everything else can be left neutral so that the rug/armchair remain the focus as one walks into your home. This is a simple yet effective look to achieve and it doesn't involve elaborate decorating.

Entryway into a private residence


A photo showing an entryway also referred to as a foyer

#Tip 3

Areas of the home that we pass through rather than live in,can be the perfect opportunity for the more timid among you to try out the ongoing trends.

#Tip 4

A console table makes the perfect addition to an entryway. Due to its slim measurements it will not overwhelm your entryway whilst giving you space for keys, sunglasses and anything else!

Console table in entryway


Your entryway should emit happiness upon entering your home and it should emit the same welcome to your guests.

I hope that these tips help with your entryway design. If you would like to share photos of your entryway or ask for advise feel free to leave your comments below 👇🏻


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