What is eDesign?

What is eDesign?

Due to the pandemic the way we work has changed and this includes the world of Interior Design. Interior Designers have moved to technology, making use of their software more seriously and becoming more virtual than ever before.


 E-design is an interior design service which is being offered entirely online. Therefore anyone, anywhere, even living on the other side of the world can make use of an interior designer’s services as an e-designer without having to worry about location or safety.

“What I like best about e-Design is that once the project is done from my end, You can take your time to implement my ideas according to your time frame”

Bea Migneco

Made To Measure:

Some clients do not feel the need for full-service interior design and would like to benefit from an interior designer’s expertise and are willing to source and manage the project themselves. E-Design is therefore a great solution for YOU if are prepared to do the work yourselves and/or are on a tight budget.

In my opinion, YOU should benefit from the services of an e-Designer if:

  • You don’t mind communicating via virtual technology.
  • You are capable to measure your space/s accurately and take good photos.
  • You are happy to share your inspiration images via Pinterest boards or via a portal which will be created specifically for YOU.
  • You are happy sourcing products and tradesmen.

Interior Design is no longer just a luxury service:

“Earlier interior design was considered a complete luxury service. But now, with e-design, you have the opportunity to cater to a much wider bank of the audience (who may not always be your high-end or full-service clients) but still want value and access to your services and offer an additional and steady revenue stream for you,”

– Laytricia Towery

What does E-design with me as an Interior Designer include?

  • A Questionnaire:

The first thing I ask my clients is to fill out a detailed questionnaire which covers everything from preferences about colour, art work, materials, timeline and budget.

Get your client to fill out a detailed questionnaire which covers everything from fabric, colour, and art preferences to timeline and budget. Here’s a Sample E-design Questionnaire.

This enables me to gain a good idea of your tastes because I must produce a design that is to your liking and your needs.

  • Your Homework:

 Take accurate measurements of your space and furniture. Take plenty of good photos, and make note of any existing furniture pieces or soft furnishing items you would like to include in your new design. This will enable me suggest the appropriate package for you.

  • Design Concept/Mood Board:

I find that mood boards help me understand your needs better and allow me to work on your project by being directed in the right path with very important decisions such as colours, patterns and theme.

Moodboard describing the products I recommend to use in client's Living Room

  •  Putting it all Together:

You can purchase the recommended items at your own pace and bring the room together once everything has been received.

e-Design render

Does this sound like the right plan for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact me to get started on your next project!


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