Why Is Bedroom Design So Important

Why Is Bedroom Design So Important

It’s a known fact that a bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Having a cozy place to unwind is a MUST.

Over the past years, I have designed lots of bedrooms for clients but the trends have changed drastically from the very first traditional bedroom interior design project I worked on to the very last one I designed only a few weeks ago.

Green is trending high on the design scale and although I can’t say that this is my favourite colour (I guess everyone knows that Blue is my favourite colour 😉) when Kate and Liam specified that they wanted to give the colour green importance in the design of their bedroom it was a challenge that I was willing and happy to accept.

Some months ago  the couple were travelling and  they stumbled upon this intricately designed green and white fabric, which they were very keen to use. So I took it the workshop and  after measuring the piece of fabric my team and I determined that we had enough to cover the custom made headboard and bed base that we were going to manufacture.

Design Board by Bea - Bdesign interior design studio

Apart from their wish to use their beautiful green fabric their other wish was to cover their outdated floor tile with laminate wood.

The fabric inspired me to choose these simple yet classical bedside tables in a soft light grey painted finish. I fell in love with the delicately curved legs and antique pewter handles to complete the look.

Layering is of utmost importance when designing a room – so I started off with picking the fabric pattern for the bed and from then on, I started layering different shades of greens and the co-ordinating colours to green which derive from red/orange. 

The co-ordinating colours were used in the large area rug and the compact chair which is upholstered in a lush rose pink velvet fabric.

The oversized drum shade finished in a luxurious velvet fabric complete with a brushed gold inner lining adds a beautiful and trendy touch to this bedroom.


I am thrilled with the overall design of this room and so are Kate and Liam which is of utmost importance to me - I am sure that this magnificent makeover will guarantee sweet dreams.

I’d love to know whether you love this bedroom design as much as we do - Drop me a line  👉🏻


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