How to Decorate Your Bedroom using Green

How to Decorate Your Bedroom using Green

It's common knowledge that a bedroom is among the most significant spaces in a house. A comfortable place to unwind is a necessity.

I've designed a lot of bedrooms for clients over the years, but the styles have drastically changed between the first traditional bedroom interior design project I worked on and the most recent one I finished just a few weeks ago. The colour green is highly fashionable in design. Greens are surprisingly adaptable, blending well with a wide range of other colors, so when Kate and Liam asked me to emphasize the color green in the design of their bedroom, I was more than willing to take on the challenge.

Design Board by Bea - Bdesign interior design studio

They also wished to cover their outdated floor tile with laminate wood in addition to using their lovely green fabric. I was inspired by the fabric to choose these traditional bedside tables with a soft light grey painted finish. The softly curved legs and vintage pewter handles to finish the look completely captured my heart..

When designing a room, layering is crucial. As a result, I began by choosing the fabric pattern for the bed. Then, I began layering various shades of green and the co-ordinating colors to green, which derive from red/orange.

Both the large area rug and the small chair, which is upholstered in a sumptuous rose-pink velvet fabric, make use of the complementary colors.

A lovely and modern touch is added to this bedroom by the large drum shade, which is made of opulent velvet fabric and has a brushed gold inner lining.


I'm absolutely delighted with the gorgeous aesthetics of this room, and Kate and Liam seem to share my enthusiasm! Every detail has been carefully considered and executed - from the harmonious blend of colors, to the balanced proportion of furniture pieces, to the judicious selection of decorations - Stunning!

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